Sesión Familiar con Lourdes y Felipe, Marzo 2017

I felt instantly at ease and at home with this beautiful family. It's always so nice when you meet people you can feel like that with and it makes photographing always so much easier. A combination of perfect late afternoon sun, golden leaves and happy vibes that made for a laid-back photo shoot with some pretty fabulous results! 

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Matrimonio de Tiare & Francisco


Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017


A collection of some beautiful moments caught throughout 2016, of families, children, weddings and baptisms....

Happy New Year! 

10/09/2016 Father & Son

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Oh my goodness, these little girls just touched my heart! Such absolute sweeties and lots of fun to photograph. As I prefer natural light and natural surroundings I adored this shoot; the simple window light, capturing the girls in their cot, interacting with each other as they normally would. Lovely mother and daughters shoot that i hope to follow up on again some day. 

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28/04/2016 Matrimonio Jana & Dan

Beneath cloudy, rainy skies this gorgeous little wedding took place in downtown Barrio Italia. jana & Dan, a beautiful couple, inside and out. Absolutely loved taking their photos and can't wait to do more small scale weddings. Contact me if interested! 


16/04/2016 Sesión con Santiago 


13/03/2016 Sesión de Familia Juliane B


10/02/2016 Sesión Familia


Hace tan solo un año les hice la primera sesión de fotos a esta bella familia y sus dos niñitas. Este año se unió una nueva hermana, Violette! Fue tan hermoso capturar las tres hermanas juntas, un amor tan puro. Me encantaron las fotos de mamá y bebé de esta colección! 

It was just over a year ago when I first did a photo session with this gorgeous Belgian family and their two girls. This year they welcomed their third baby daughter Violette! It was so special to capture the three sisters together and capture that pure love.  I love the mama and baby shot from this collection.

10/01/2016 Sesión Maternidad con Johanna e Hiberto


Me encantó esta sesión con esta pareja tan dulce. La luz estaba a nuestro favor y los colores del vestido de la futura mamá iba perfectamente con el color del pasto y rosas en el fondo. Gracias Johanna e Hiberto por ser tan fáciles de fotografiar. 

I adored this session with this sweet couple. The light was just right and the colors of the mama to be 's dress went amazingly with the green of the grass and roses in the background. Thank you to Johanna and Hiberto for being fantastic in front of the camera! 

08/12/2015 Some of my favourites from 2015 !

Here is a collection of some of my favourite photos this year. It's been a year of fully coming into my own unique style of photography; of course I'm still learning, understanding and growing but I feel I'm more in tune with what I'm trying to capture and create now more than ever. It's been yet again a fantastic year, full of interesting new sessions, of familiar faces (thank you for coming back to me!) and new challenges. Looking forward to what 2016 brings me. Thank you for all your support. Much love.

Aqui hay una colección de algunas de mis fotos favoritas del 2015. Ha sido un año donde  siento que he creado mas un estilo único en cuanto a mi fotografía; por supuesto sigo aprendiendo, conociendo y desarrollando mis habilidades de fotografía pero me siento mas cómoda que nunca con lo que trato de capturar y crear con mi camera en cada sesión. Ha sido un año buenísimo, lleno de sesiones nuevos e interesantes, de caras conocidas (gracias por volver conmigo!) y nuevos desafíos. Con muchas ganas de ver lo que me tiene 2016! Gracias por todo su apoyo, con amor.  

Sesion de Embarazo / Maternity session - Parque Araucano

Era la perfecta combinación entre soleado y nublado para esta sesión de embarazo en el Parque Araucano. Rodeado por mucho verde, fue el lugar perfecto para sacar unas lindísimas fotos de esta linda mamá y su hija Dominga. 

It was the perfect day, a combination of cloudy and sunshine for this sweet maternity session in the Parque Araucano park. Surrounded by green, it was the perfect place to take some gorgeous shots of this beautiful mama and her daughter Dominga. 

Sesión de Familia Luz Natural 20/07/2015

Una sesión muy relajada, capturando esta familia en su entorno natural...con risas, peleas, caritas graciosas y un verdadero amor entre todos...lindo!

Sesión de Embarazo otoñal 10/05/2015


04/04/2015 Baby Eva

An absolutely stunning session with this family and their new little addition, 6 week old Eva. What a beauty. Little Eva was captivated by the trees, the skies and of course  by her of the easiest newborn sessions I've had. Eyes wide open, quietly taking the world in bit by bit...

This is precisely why I love working outdoors, there is so much beauty around us! And the soft morning light gave the photos an ethereal feel to them.

Congratulations to beautiful Juliane and her lovely husband on the birth of their daughter Eva; such a special little being, welcome to the mundo chiquitita! 

13/01/2015 Looking Back: Mia Praught

15/08/2014 Veronica & Familia

11/08/2014 Tricia & Family

28/07/2014 Sanne & Family

A rare photo session in Viña del Mar; always lovely to get away to the coast and a perfect excuse to go too. Not the best of weather but we still managed to capture some great shots of them all! Lefke, their little 5 year old girl reminded me  a lot of my own little girl Maia, confident, bubbly, fun to be around and so easy to photograph!! 

En Viña del Mar, siempre bueno escapar a la costa y con la perfecta excusa de una sesion de fotos! No hubo el mejor clima pero igual les sacamos buenas fotos a todos!! Lefke, su hija de 5 añitos me recordaba mucho a mi hija Maia, con confianza, y muy alegre siempre, y taaan facil de fotografiar!! 

21/07/2014 Christine & Martin Photo Session

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13/07/2014 Alyson & Family Shoot

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7/07/2014 Family Session with Niina

Aaah I loved photographing this family! So chilled out. The boys were just gorgeous and I managed to take some really nice captures. Loved the colours they were all wearing, went so well with the foresty background areas and soft sunlight. Thank you Niina for being so chilled out and easy to capture. You have a gorgeous family!

Aah como me gustó fotografiar a esta familia. Tan tranquilos todos. Los dos niñitos son hermosos y fueron fáciles de fotografiar. Llevaban unos colores muy lindos que iban bien con lo verde de los arboles, pasto y luz suave. Gracias Niina por ser tan relajada y facil de fotografiar. Tienes una familia hermosa! 

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1/07/2014 Winter Maternity Session with Noortje

Spent a lovely winters morning in Parque Arauco photographing this Dutch beauty and her ever increasing belly. Franco has less than 3 weeks before he meets this world! Noortje was relaxed and it shows in the photographs, the light was soft and her blue eyes dazzling! A truly stunning mama to be! Gracias Noortje! 

Pasé una linda mañana de invierno en el Parque Arauco fotografiando a esta hermosa holandesa y su guatita que crece cada dia mas! En 3 semanas mas llegará su Franco al mundo! Noortje estaba super tranquila y se nota en las fotos, la luz de la mañana fue suave y con esos ojos tan azules! Linda esta futura mamá! Gracias Noortje! 

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